Who writes this thing anyway?

My name’s Gwen, and I’m becoming human again.

After working in a toxic environment for nearly two years, I was a real life  zombie.  I was depressed, had zero energy, and felt like a human balloon because my whole body was bloated.  My mother, who has gone gluten-free for quite a few years now, kept pushing me to try a gluten-free diet too because she was sure I had at least a mild form of it.  “Sure mom, thanks for worrying, but I highly doubt that’s it.”  As it so often turns out, mother knows best.

While I don’t think my gluten allergy is nearly as severe as hers or entirely to blame, it’s been a great jumping off point on my quest for better health.  Turns out, gluten can affect weight loss and gain, mood swings, energy levels, and a whole litany of other issues.  That, when coupled with my crazy work schedule and rigorous job, was really the issue.  I was inhaling toxins at work, working fairly strenuously for ten hours at a time, and losing weight.  You would think that weight loss would be a good thing, but actually it can be quite the opposite when your body isn’t ready and is just a petri dish of toxins.  You see, as I lost weight, I lost fat.  Inside my fat sat all those nasty toxins, just waiting to get released into my bloodstream.  I was picking up new toxins at work, while old toxins were joining the new from my shrinking fat content.  Add the gluten allergy, and it’s no wonder I felt like a walking, talking corpse.

On a whim, I pulled a book off of a shelf at my local library and it’s really been quite eye-opening.  The book is “Clean, Green, and Lean” by Dr. Walter Crinnion.  If you’re fed up with feeling your absolute worst and don’t understand why you can’t get healthy or lose weight, I highly recommend it.  My blog will be based largely on the philosophy and studies of Dr. Crinnion and other naturopathic doctors in the form of healthy exercise ideas and food choices.  I will also review local restaurants and shops for those who live in the Atlanta area, and occasionally there may be a completely random post just because that’s what keeps life interesting!

Hopefully I can help and inspire others who have dealt with the same issues I have and we can all come out of this feeling like a whole new person!  Thanks for reading and I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll find this helpful on your own personal path to recovery.

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Gwen holds a BFA in Production Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  She’s worked in Film, Television, and Theater doing costume work, and currently is in the process of creating art that will be for sale locally as well as online.  This blog is to chronicle her quest to become healthy and happy, both physically and mentally, which includes finding a career that isn’t a “job” but a passion.


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